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   I believe life is too short. I want to make sure I enjoy my limited time on this earth and I believe through my passion of creating water gardens I'm not only enriching my own life but I’m enriching the lives of everyone who comes across my work. Its not just a waterfall or pond, these are spaces full of magic and wonder.  

  By sharing our passion we create lifestyles. Lifestyles where people have the time to reconnect and recharge. Time to sit with family and loved ones to relax and unwind. Time they otherwise would lose in the chaos of life.

  We want it to be cool to spend time outside again. We can imagine a world where kids chose to play outside and catch frogs over video games, where adults think family time is dinner pond-side rather than in front of the TV. We hope to inspire people to remember to stop and spend time enjoying their lives, one water feature at a time.


- Shawn C.

Owner and Combat Veteran

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Life Is Too Short

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  New England Aquatic Landscaping brings families closer together. Gives peace and tranquility to people in need of a break. Basically we make life better! This of course comes with an added bonus of a kick-butt backyard ponds or waterfalls.

   Seriously though, we are an award winning, knowledgeable water feature company. Over the years we have gained a tremendous amount of experience about water gardens. We continue to further our education year after year. We pride ourselves on creating lifestyles that help enrich peoples lives with custom backyard ponds and waterfalls that look as though they have always been there.

  Whether you are thinking about a backyard koi pond, have always envisioned backyard waterfalls, or have just enough room for a quaint water fountain, or any other water features you can think of, we have the knowledge and the skills to make your lives a little better.

New England Aquatic Landscaping is a Central Massachusetts based pond contractor. We service all of Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, parts of Connecticut & Rhode Island.

The Majority of our pond and waterfall projects are in Middlesex County MA, Norfolk County MA, Essex County MA, Worcester County MA, Cape Cod & Boston.  

We only use Aquascape professional Grade Products

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New England Aquatic Landscaping is a Veteran Owned Business We design, build, maintain, and repair kick-butt backyard ponds, waterfalls, and fountainscapes.

New England Aquatic Landscaping Massachusetts Certified Aquascape Contractor