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Save a life, gain a paradise!

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  We consider koi fish to be the living jewels of a water garden. There is just something mesmerizing about watching them swim so gracefully through the water, we often equate it to getting lost staring into the flames of a camp fire.

  Our mission at Central Mass Koi Rescue & Adoption is to rescue, heal, educate, and adopt out these living jewels.

  The koi fish that are surrendered into our care all have a different story. Whether the fish is sick or injured, has outgrown its environment, or no longer can be cared for by their owners they have a home here with us.

  If you are in the Worcester County or Middlesex County areas and need our services please call. We are here to help!

  When a koi find its way into our home it is cared for like it's one of the family. First we quarantine the fish and treat it accordingly for any issues. Once the quarantine period is over the little guy joins all the others waiting for a new home.

  We keep our koi in 160 gallon tanks that are treated just like the ecosystem ponds they will eventually go to when they are adopted out to there "forever ponds". We use the best foods and treatments available and treat all of our aquatic guests with the care and love we give to our own fish.  

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  I love every area of the pond and water garden lifestyle, but nothing more than sitting by my own pond watching and feeding my koi!

  A few years back I was asked if I could rescue some fish, without hesitation I said YES! I had no idea what was involved or what that one rescue would later become but I knew that if there was a chance I could help save some of these beautiful creatures I could not refuse. I have not looked back since.



"The Koi Mom"

We handfeed all of our fish the best foods available



If you have koi in need of our services please contact Janelle!

508 341 6948

koi and pond fish experts in massachusetts | iloveponds.com

Koi Fish and Pond Fish service areas Including but not limited to:

Central Mass Koi Rescue and Adoption is a division of New England Aquatic Landscaping and is a Massachusetts based pond contractor. We primarily service the Greater Boston & MetroWest Areas.

Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Essex County, Worcester County, & Cape Cod.

Weston (MA), Dover (MA), Carlisle (MA), Sherborn (MA), Sudbury (MA), Wellesley (MA), Winchester (MA), Manchester-by-the-Sea (MA), Lexington (MA), Boxford (MA), Wayland (MA), Concord (MA), Brookline (MA), Newton (MA), Needham (MA), Westwood (MA), Southborough (MA)...

Central Mass Koi Rescue & Adoption is dedicated to rescuing koi fish and other specialty pond fish. We service all of Massachusetts including Middlesex County | Worcester County

koi and pond fish experts in massachusetts | iloveponds.com