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  The pond maintenance division of New England Aquatic Landscaping handles all of the dirty work. Everything from washing away fish poop to removing over grown and out of control aquatic plants.  

  Annual pond maintenance can be a daunting task by yourself. Safely catching all of your fish and storing them in an aerated tank, draining the pond and picking out all the gunk and debris, then power washing the rock and gravel before pumping out that smelly sludge. It's a dirty job but it has to be done for the health of your water feature. Give us a call and we’ll come out with our crew and take care of all your pond cleaning needs. The only thing you should have to worry about is how to enjoy your backyard pond and waterfall!

  Think you have a leak in your koi pond? Does your backyard waterfalls need a facelift? Water quality in your pond giving you headaches? Party coming up and you want everything to look perfect?

  Whether you have a major problem or your pond just needs to be cleaned we can handle all of your water feature service needs. Our water feature maintenance department specializes in rehabs, repairs, renovations, clean-outs, shutdowns, upgrades, and water treatments.


massachusetts spring pond maintenance |
massachusetts winter pond maintenance |
massachusetts fall pond maintenance |
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  Spring Pond cleaning is very important. The annual clean-out simulates mother natures flushing action that occurs during heavy spring rains. This flushing action creates a healthy new start for good bacteria to colonize and helps control algae blooms.

  During a spring pond cleaning we remove the fish and place them in aerated holding tanks. We then drain and pressure wash the pond. Removing any muck and debris. Pond filters and lights are inspected and then any shifted rock or gravel is adjusted. We fertilize or divide aquatic plants as necessary. We reacclimatize the fish as the pond is filling and you are ready for another season of enjoyment!

  Pond cleaning in the fall is not necessary but highly recommended. During this time we partially drain the pond and use a net to scoop out any leaf debris that was not caught by the skimmer and has sunken to the bottom of the pond. We don't drain and power wash at this time because fish are preparing for their winter hibernation and we do not want to add any unnecessary stress.

  We recommend having the pond netted in the fall to catch falling leaves before they have a chance to enter the pond. These two services will reduce your work load having to scoop leaves and constantly check the skimmer as well reduce your overall pond maintenance.

  Winter pond maintenance is when you have to make the tough decision whether to leave your water feature running all winter long or to shut it down until spring.

  If you decide you want to leave your waterfall going throughout the winter so you can enjoy the ice formations we will get everything ready so you have nothing to worry about until spring.

  If you decide to shut it down and reopen it in the spring we will have to prepare your pumps for winter so they do not get damaged and then add aeration, and a floating heater. It is crucial to the health of your fish to keep a hole in the ice so gasses can exchange.

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  We have a great deal of experience in repairing damaged or malfunctioning water features. We can diagnose and treat just about and problem you may be having. Leaking ponds, broken pipes, low edges, poor filtration, pump replacement, etc.

  If you have a dated or poorly constructed water feature or you're just ready for change we can help. Unfortunately too many people that have put their trust, and hard earned money into a "professional" pond contractor end up with unfulfilled promises of paradise in their backyards. Its sad but the majority of our business is fixing ponds done wrong. Luckily we are experts at facelifts and full rehabs of ponds and waterfalls.

  A properly lit pond comes to life after dark. It’s our personal favorite time to enjoy a water feature. There is just something extra magical about the light flickering behind the waterfall and watching the fish dance in the soft glow of the submersible Led pond lights.

  We can add a new dimension to your pond, waterfall, or fountainscape with proper lighting techniques. We know all the right places to highlight and we are masters at disguising the lighting fixtures so during the day we don't subtract from the natural beauty of your oasis.

  The Aquascape pond lights can be fully submersed or used in traditional landscape settings.

  We too have shared in the headache of trying to rid our water features of algae. It is possible, it just takes time and work. We have some tips and tricks to help make that happen sooner and allow you to spend less time maintaining your water feature and more time enjoying it.

  We have temporary solutions to clear up the problem and we have long term solutions to help your pond mature and balance itself out so mother nature works for you instead of against you. Each pond is a unique environment and needs its own diagnosis and treatment.

  Give us a call and we can help.


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Backyard Ponds and Water Features service areas Including but not limited to:

New England Aquatic Landscaping is a Massachusetts based pond contractor. We primarily service the Greater Boston & MetroWest Areas.

Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Essex County, Worcester County, & Cape Cod.

Weston (MA), Dover (MA), Carlisle (MA), Sherborn (MA), Sudbury (MA), Wellesley (MA), Winchester (MA), Manchester-by-the-Sea (MA), Lexington (MA), Boxford (MA), Wayland (MA), Concord (MA), Brookline (MA), Newton (MA), Needham (MA), Westwood (MA), Southborough (MA)...

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