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We have a great deal of experience in repairing damaged or malfunctioning water features. We can diagnose and treat just about and problem you may be having. Leaking ponds, broken pipes, low edges, poor filtration, pump replacement, etc.

  If you have a dated or poorly constructed water feature or you're just ready for change we can help. Unfortunately too many people that have put their trust, and hard earned money into a "professional" pond contractor end up with unfulfilled promises of paradise in their backyards. Its sad but the majority of our business is fixing ponds done wrong. Luckily we are experts at pond renovations and pond repairs.

Here are a few examples of the problems we typically see:

Pond Leaks-

A leaky pond can be an extremely disheartening and frustrating experience. When this happens the first thing we do is walk you through a leak test to determine if the leak is in the pond or in the waterfall. once we narrow it down we come out and determine the actual cause. This can be a multitude of things from a simple low edge, to  more complex issue such as a hole in the pond liner, a leaking skimmer, pond filter, or pond plumbing. Whatever the cause we can help.

Pond Water Clarity Issues-

Why is water clarity listed in the repair section?  Because if you are not able to see a dime placed at the bottom of your pond, there is a good chance that some part of your pond ecosystem is not working properly and needs to be repaired or replaced.  Do you have green pond water or black pond water?  We can figure out why and repair the pond ecosystem to resolve these issues.

Pond Filter Repairs-

Pond Filtration is the heart of your ecosystem. When one part of the system (pond pump, pond Skimmer, or biological filter) fails the entire water feature is pretty much rendered inoperable. We specialize in Aquascape products but can diagnose and repair or replace any filtration product on the market.

Waterfall Repairs-

Alot of times we get calls for improperly built waterfalls that are starting to fall apart or leak. We specialize in building beautiful natural looking waterfalls that will stand the test of time. Whether it is just a little facelift or a complete tear out and rebuild we got you covered!

Pond Renovation-

Statistically they say the average Pond owner will go through three ponds in their lifetime. We find this to be very true as a large percentage of our work is renovation. Whether your existing water feature is getting old and starting to look dated, you just want to go bigger, or it was never built correctly and is starting to fall apart we can come in and create the paradise you have always been dreaming of. A large percentage of our work is renovation

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New England Aquatic Landscaping is a Massachusetts based pond contractor. We primarily service the Greater Boston & MetroWest Areas.

Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Essex County, Worcester County, & Cape Cod.

Weston (MA), Dover (MA), Carlisle (MA), Sherborn (MA), Sudbury (MA), Wellesley (MA), Winchester (MA), Manchester-by-the-Sea (MA), Lexington (MA), Boxford (MA), Wayland (MA), Concord (MA), Brookline (MA), Newton (MA), Needham (MA), Westwood (MA), Southborough (MA)...

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Do you have a pond that was built by a landscaper or local garden center, or even a pond contractor that is no longer in business?  Or perhaps you built your own pond, and it is just not performing the way you had hoped.  We can help!

As Certified Aquascape Contractors we have years of experience in troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of pond and water feature problems.  We have seen it all, and there is no problem we can’t fix.  If you need a pond repair, or any other repair of a water feature – you've come to the right place.

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Rock and gravel in your pond is not just more natural and aesthetically pleasing, they also serve a huge purpose in the foundation of your ecosystem and the over all health of your pond. We often are asked to take a liner pond to the next level by rocking it in, adding fish tunnels or caves, and creating planting shelves.

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